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Online Trade Services
We offer a range of service's to trade customers online
To use some of these service's customers must pre register with us their company details

Immo pin code reading by post
 Send us your Immo unit and we will return it with the Immo pin code & on some vehicles we can also recover the key number

Transponder creation by post
 Send us your Immo unit and we will produce a transponder chip to start your car without the need of any programming

Keys cut to code by post
 Cylinder keys, Ford & Jaguar Tibbe keys & Laser Keys cut from key number or copy.

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Pin codes from serial number, VIN number or Out code
 Immo pin codes from serial number, VIN number or Out code within 24Hrs  (certain manufactures)

Key number from VIN number
 Key and lock number from VIN number (certain manufactures)

We offer a pin code reading service and Transponder creation via post.

For this you will need to send us the requested unit we will then read and return it to you.

For units witch can be found via serial number, VIN number or out code this can be received via Email within 24HRS

We also supply Car Keys, Transponders, remote's & Key blades
Offer Key Cutting to key code or Copy
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